Saturday, January 29, 2011

Next Summer by Hailey Abbot

5: Beyond Explanation
4: Awesome
3: Decent
2: Dislike
1: Hate
0: Abhor

1. Plot: (3/5)
The plot is not too predictable although, it's nothing special. It's the typical summer fling type of book. I wasn't super impressed with it because, in my opinion, it's one of those books that is better off being a movie.

2. Characters: (4/5)
The characters here play on stereotypes as well. One of them is a sporty girl another is a bookish girl, there's also a hippie and the girl who gets all the guys. Although, these stereotypes aren't emphasized too annoyingly which I like. Also, these kinds of stereotypes aren't too often mixed with each other which is also nice.

3. Setting: (4/5)
The setting is in a beach house in their private cottages. It's pretty nice because it hints that they have money but it's not rubbed in our faces. The story takes place at the beach with a bunch of teenagers there which really does happen in real life.

4. Story: (3/5)
The story revolves around the three girls and their relationship with their respective guys. Nothing new. I deemed it decent/

5. Writing: (5/5)
I love the way that the story was written. It explains what happens really well. I wasn't even aware that this was a sequel to another book. I didn't feel like I missed anything because the story, and how things came to be, were explained without making it a detailed summary of the first book.

6. Ending: (2/5)
I didn't like the ending because it only centered on one of the girls. I think they did this because there might've been another book after this. The way the book was written was that the girls have their own chapter in a sense that a whole chapter will be the point of view of one of the girls. It would've been nice if, in the end, it showed what happened to the other girls instead of just the main girl/


This book is a nice book. It's not amazing but it's nice enough. It's not something worth hunting out but if you need a nice read and you happen to pass by this particular book, then, I suggest you go for it.

Light Read. It's not mind-boggling but it's not a substance-less book either.

Hope you like!


Chika said...

Wow.. I wish I had more time to read. I guess I'm just going to put in time for it anyway. :P

I might have to start living by a time table or something, because if I don't I just end up wasting time :P I've got so many books at home that I am yet to read and I just can't find the time. hehe..

Michelle said...

I know what you mean! But I got into the habit of reading before I go to bed. And what's more if I'm reading a really awesome book, I just can't put it down! :)

Chika said...

Hehe.. You're so right. I really need to start doing that again. But I always found myself falling asleep, and not because the book I was reading was boring, but because I was always tired after a really long day.

But that's an advice I will definitely look to doing again. :)

You're site is really good by the way. I used to envy my little sister because she was so quick at reading book after book, although when I was younger I always used to read a lot.

Michelle said...

I did go through a time when I literally just stopped reading. But then, I saw a sale basically a dollar a book and I just got hooked.

Part of that is maybe because I wanna be a writer someday. I used to wanna be like a book writer but now, I fancy magazine writing. :)

And yeah, my little brother got through the whole Harry Potter series in less than a month!! It's crazy! :))

Good luck with reading! :D

Chika said...

Whoa..really??? Same here, but I do still want to become a book author. Yeah, once books are cheap it's hard for someone who loves reading to not go crazy over sales. :P.. I used to buy books I would never read simply because they were on sale. It was sort of like an addiction.

I would love to write for a magazine as well. Cheers to our dreams!

Thank you by the way.

I will hopefully get time to do all the things I wish to do, including read. :)

Michelle said...


I have five other siblings and we all love reading and so does our mom. We literally have a library downstairs, it's crazy.

And yeap. Hope our dreams come true! :D