Thursday, February 3, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

As I haven't watched the second part of the movie version of this book, I cannot compare this to the movie as I did with the previous Harry Potter book. So, I will just enumerate ten things I liked about this book.
  1. The changes that happened to Kreacher and Dudley
  2. The revelation of the story of the "Prince"
  3. The names of Harry's children.
  4. The recruits that came during the second war. (especially the house elves)
  5. The change that happened to Neville
  6. That Teddy Lupin turned out to be fine despite his loss (I assumed, according to the epilogue)
  7. Draco and Harry's relationship became civil
  8. Mrs. Weasley's reaction to Bellatrix's attack on Ginny
  9. The centaurs finally intervened
  10. Kreacher's reaction when Harry handed him the locket.
It's official, my favorite character? Kreacher.

J.K. Rowling can write no wrong.

Did I say I almost cried when I read that the house elves came charging in led by Kreacher? He shouted something about helping his master, "Defender of House Elves" and upholding the name of Regulus. I, legit, cried.


Mister King said...

I think I need to reread this one...i dont remember most of the things u like! great post.

Michelle said...

I love the book! Best Harry Potter book ever! I cried at the end! :))

Thanks! :S